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  • PGDM from India or Abroad; Which one is better?

    • April 24, 2019
    • Posted By : Nandini Singh
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    This article was updated on 13 June 2020.

    Do you wonder if you should opt for PGDM from India or Abroad?

    Do you ever wonder what are the differences between India’s management courses and courses that are offered by foreign universities?

    Earlier more and more students used to be interested in pursuing management courses from abroad but with the great changes in education policies, Indian management courses are gradually becoming popular.

    Though, we need to work very hard and use more modern technologies because our top management institutes are lagging in the competition.

    When we see rankings of Wharton Business School Australia, INSEAD of  France, London Business School, our top institutes certainly need to accelerate their progress.

    Let’s see what are the major differences between PGDM in India and aboard.

    Here, in India, we have two degrees MBA and PGDM but in other countries, there is an MBA program in some countries whereas some countries might have diplomas in management and degrees.

    As of now, countries like Australia, USA treat MBA as a degree and PGDM as a diploma. Let’s dig deeper and find out important information:

    The credibility of courses:

    The credibility of an institute should always be a priority for any student.

    Here in India, UGC is responsible for the accreditation of colleges and universities and you can easily find out whether the institute is having valid accreditation or not but when it comes to studying abroad this is slightly a tough task unless you are getting admissions in Howard Business school type colleges.

    If a student is getting admission in an average college of a foreign university, it becomes utterly important to check the credibility of the university through various resources. It can impact your whole future and career, so find out every little detail of the intended college.

    How to get admissions:

    If you are planning to get admissions in a PGDM course in India, you have to qualify certain exams such as CAT, GMAT, MAT, etc. apart from these prestigious exams, colleges have their own entrance exams and GD/PI for selection.

    When it comes to getting admissions in a foreign university, there are a different set of rules in a different country for example if you want to study in Britain, you must pass TOFEL test apart from separate exams for PGDM courses.

    Some countries prefer GRE scores for admissions. Entrance exams are country-specific, so before joining your PGDM, you have to do thorough research for your college as well as for the country.

    Duration of the courses:

    Most of the countries do not have PGDM programs, there are MBA programs but still, there are few countries where you can do PGDM. Canada is becoming the top choice for Indian students for education.

    In Canada, they offer 1-year PDGM course in management. Many countries treat PGDM as a diploma course. Now come to our homeland, here we have 2 years PGDM management course which is equivalent to MBA. The choice is yours, what do you want for your career?

    Which one is better:

    Here, arises a serious question which one is better? Well, it totally depends on various factors:

    1-How much money you can invest? :

    In foreign universities, fees are quite high, even admission in an average university would cost you 30 lakh to 60 lakh. Apart from your fees, there will be several other expenses such as living cost, transportation cost, etc.

    While in India, you can complete your PGDM under 10 lakh from an average college.

    If money is not a factor for you, you can opt for courses abroad but if money is a constraint then there are plenty of good options available in India as well.

    2-Do you really want to leave your homeland:

    If you have decided to pursue your PGDM from abroad, there are few benefits of doing the course, for example, you can stay for 1 year to 3 years after completing your course in your country of study.  If you pursue your PGDM from India, you need not be worried about your stay as you are the citizen of India and you have full liberty to explore job opportunities across the whole country.

    Jobs in abroad after doing management courses in India:

    If you complete your PGDM from a well-recognized college of a foreign university, you’ll get quite a good job with high package. If you complete your PGDM from a top institute of India, in that case, you can earn high packages but if you have done PGDM from a good college even then you can get a decent sustainable job in India.

    When you compare PGDM courses in abroad and India, you can see that it depends on your choices and circumstances and you cannot say which one is better.  In some areas, Indian universities are still lagging behind but in some areas, you’ll find India more comfortable than foreign countries.

    Whatever you choose, just put your heart and soul in your goal, success will dance around you.

    Good luck!