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  • PGDM VS MBA – A confusing battle

    • August 2, 2018
    • Posted By : Muskan Sehgal
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    As we all know after graduation, there is a rush going into your head. You are filled with confusion, for whether to go for MBA or PGDM which is why you need to understand their purpose so that you could clear your head. So before we talk about their differences, let me begin with them separately.
    Master’s in Business Administration shortly called as MBA is a dignified post-graduation course which helps you attain knowledge regarding the Business World. There are many advantages of MBA which I must say will lead you towards a successful career.

    • It develops Managerial Skills: now when you read the word managerial, everyone thinks of it as a manager’s duty which by the by is very easy – then here you are wrong. When you enter into the business World there are many things to look after, like how to manage things to complete the reports on time, socialization so that you could know what is going on outside as well as inside the organisation, to gather interpret data, to work on the objectives of organisation, to implement those objectives with your colleagues or team mates which will include leadership, motivation, staffing, organizing, managing, cooperation, etc..
    • Economic stability: We all know, when we hear these three letter word MBA everyone is thinking the same, economic stability. MBA does provide economic stability if you take it seriously. You can get a high paid job, good facilities, etc. but it all depends on you. When you search for a job, an interviewer does look at your file but in real he or she would be finding the caliber in you, for are you really made up for this job.
    • Abroad: you can definitely pursue MBA in abroad which helps you explore new places, gain more knowledge about different things, etc.
    • Network: After doing MBA and achieving a job, your network circle starts increasing, it increases in a way where you have contact in every field, you connect with people, you travel different places, etc.
      MBA sure is an amazing opportunity to pursue, if you learn and gain proper knowledge you will definitely succeed in life.
      Post-Graduation Diploma in Management also known as PGDM is a course for all the students who dream for becoming the CEO of an organisation. PGDM helps you attain knowledge related to management, this course mainly focus on the manager’s dos and don’ts and help them reach at the top. Now here are some benefits about PGDM course:
    • Industry: PGDM revolves around management, and so it covers the syllabi of everything related to the industry, which is a beneficiary point as it will help one to gain every kind of knowledge when he or she would be entering the industry.
    • Entrepreneur: PGDM course gives you an opportunity to drill hard towards your goal, it gives you a hope to become the boss, to open up your own enterprise, it guides you in a way so that you could successfully run a business enterprise.
    • Placement: just like other courses PGDM also provides placements and as per the course they get you the exact job you are looking for, but obviously you need to work hard to, not everything is free in this World.
    • Personal growth: PGDM not only develops your knowledge but also your skills, it sharpens your skills in a way so that you could yourself become a successful idol. PGDM improves your interpersonal habits and brings a growth in you, a growth towards becoming successful.
      Now as I have discussed MBA and PGDM separately, let me explain you the difference between them.
      1. PGDM is provided by an autonomous institute and not by any affiliated university whereas MBA is provided by an affiliated university.
      2. PGDM is a diploma course whereas MBA is a degree course.
      3. Salary for a fresher in PGDM 9.12 Lac and salary for an MBA 5.2 Lac.
      4. The key target of MBA is more on imparting the theoretical aspects of business management and administration. Those who have opted for MBA are generally well aware of the hard rules of management and are well occupied to understand those theoretical aspects. This draws a stark contrast to the focus of PGDM courses. These courses aim at developing the soft skills to succeed in a business environment. Soft skills here means organizing, managing, staffing, collecting, cooperation, coordination, directing, controlling, etc. which ae truly beneficial to manage an organisation. Without soft skills, no one can run an organisation, because if you cannot direct someone or control or coordinate with someone, how will you come to an end result, and obviously it will lead to a down fall.
      Choose wisely, and focus on the motive, if you want to study about the theoretical aspects of a management or administration then go for MBA, and if you want to learn soft skills and are thinking of opening up your own business enterprise then you should go for PGDM.