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  • Public Speaking Is An Art, It Can Boost Your Chances To Get Job Offers.

    • March 11, 2019
    • Posted By : Sachin Tomar
    • Comments Off on Public Speaking Is An Art, It Can Boost Your Chances To Get Job Offers.

    Raghu and Saurabh both were waiting for the final round of the interview at their college campus. Raghu was the topper of his class and very confident about his success. They had to give an interview in front of a panel that consists of 4 people.

    Can you guess who got selected after the final round? Let me tell you, it was Saurabh. Raghu got rejected. Why?

    Saurabh was not only focusing on his syllabus but also gaining mastery in public speaking. Public speaking skill is an art and it can improve your chances of getting selected in an interview.

    Let’s dig deeper and find out what is the importance of public speaking and how can an ordinary student improve the skill.

    Public speaking vs language of communication:

    Most of the time, students believe that public speaking is deeply associated with the English language but this is a half-truth. If you are confident in speaking then what language you are using becomes irrelevant.

    Since English has become a global language. More and more business communications are happening in English only. Therefore you cannot deny the fact that it’s quite important to learn the English language but at the end of the day, it’s just a language.

    If you want a job in a multinational company then you must be well versed with the art of public speaking and speaking English.

    Public speaking is all about articulating your views clearly:

    If you have strong knowledge of any subject but you cannot present your thoughts clearly to the interviewers then there is no use of your knowledge. This is the real fact that if you know something then you must be knowing how to articulate it clearly to the intended person.
    If you know little and can represent a fact with ease then success is yours. That is why public speaking is becoming more and more important.
    Regardless of your job profile, there are few things which are common among all the job profiles and the art of public speaking is one of them.

    Here arises a question, how to improve your public speaking skills? Let's try to figure out in the later part of this post.

    Start early and go steadily:

    If you want to be a good public speaker then don’t wait for the perfect time, just start working on your skill right now. The earlier you start, the better you get results. Some students wait till last semester for public speaking and other interpersonal skills but this is not a good practice. Slow and steady always wins the race, keep this proverb in your mind. Don’t be in rush, just take a small step at a time and the end result will surprise you.

    Its an art and it takes tremendous effort and time to create a masterpiece of any art. You should have patience. It’s not a monster who is unbeatable, it,s just a matter of time and your perception that can change your life forever.

    Readers are the leaders:

    You must have heard this proverb that the readers are the leaders. If you look upon any successful entrepreneur, businessman or speaker, you’ll find one thing in common that they love to read.

    If you want to improve your speaking skills, then you must become a good reader too. If you don’t like reading much then there is a piece of universal advice, start with topics of your interest, it could be about games, comic characters or even about food. Just start reading anything that you love to read then slowly move over biographies and other useful materials. Once, you gain mastery in reading, your half task is completed.

    Mistakes make you perfect:

    This is a very important lesson, mistakes make you a perfect speaker but you need to be attentive towards your mistakes and should not be offended if someone points to mistakes in your speaking.

    Don’t let mistakes come in between you and your public speaking art. You have various resources through which you can improve your mistakes. For example, try to record your speech and later listen to it carefully, you may find no mistakes in the first hearing but you should hear it until you find mistakes then write them down and make sure not to repeat your mistakes in next speech. This is the best way to learn from your own mistakes.

    Be confident and keep practicing:

    confidence is the key to your success while speaking publicly. In your first attempt, you might feel butterflies in your stomach but as you keep practicing, butterflies start to reduce. Many people start to sweat profusely during the speech, they have stage fear. The only solution to all these problems is to have confidence and only practice can bring confidence in you. If in first few attempts, you taste failure, don’t lose heart, this is very common, so, get up with more energy and determination.

    Community plays an important role:

    Community in this case group of students plays a very important role. Try to practice your skills with your friends. Form a group then divide that group into smaller parts and start speaking on your topic of interest in those groups.

    Not only you but also every single member of your community will reap the benefits.

    Be experimental:

    Don’t afraid of trying new things. Try to find out what works well for you. Experiment with your abilities and resources. This is the way by which you can achieve your public speaking goal early.

    extempore refers to the speech that is given on the spot without any preparations. Once you feel confident enough to speak about your favorite topic, move to the more interesting part that is extempore. Make your activity more fun than the burden.

    Public speaking is certainly an art and you can be king of it by following the above simple rules. Persistence and patience is the key that can lead you towards your desired path.