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  • Rules in college life

    • January 15, 2018
    • Posted By : Muskan Sehgal
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    After completing school, it’s the time when you all are nervous about taking the next step towards education, i.e., college. When you enter through those gates of college you should be confident enough to face the next three to four years in your college. Every college has its policies, rules, and regulations but there are a few rules which every college or university has in common. 

    No one is going to tell you these rules until you or someone else feels a bit embarrassed about not following them before you even know about them. Knowing these rules will make your college life smooth and enjoyable.

    Rules in college life

    Let’s discuss those few rules that we were talking about are common in every university or college:

    • Addressing your seniors

    When you were in school, I’m sure you too had the habit of addressing your seniors as your elder brothers and sisters but this thing changes when you enter college. You have to address your seniors as Sir or Ma’am. I’m sure you must be thinking of asking a question, “why”, right? So, I’ll tell you the answer. When you enter college, you are not a child anymore, you are a grown-up. Addressing your seniors as Sir or Ma’am sounds polite and respectful and this habit also prepares you for the life after your college. When you will work in a place, you can’t set up family relations there, by calling them as your elder brothers and sisters and in a workplace, there are people of different age groups, so you will not go around to ask them their ages and then sort out what you are going to call them. This seems very unprofessional and ill-mannered. Addressing someone as Sir or Ma’am is way better than doing this much effort and then being called an unprofessional.

    So, you understood why you should address your seniors as Sir or Ma’am. If you will show respect to them then they will also respect you and help you whenever you are in need. And when your juniors come into the college, they will also address you as Sir or Ma’am.

    • Maintain a healthy professor-student relationship

    You must be thinking what do I mean by the heading and why did I even mention this thing. Well, as you were in school, you respect your teachers and obey them but when you enter college, some things change. Your professors won’t spoon-feed you every study material, they’ll only ask you to make notes yourselves or they will send them online to you. In college, most of the young professors are very frank and they make a friendly bond with their students. It is acceptable to the extent where there is respect for the teacher but the day you cross that limit, it goes in the wrong direction. You should know, it doesn’t matter if a teacher becomes your best friend, he’s still your teacher and you should give him the utmost respect that he deserves. If you say something wrong to your professor it won’t be good for your grades. The marks of the college assessment are in the hands of your subject teachers and I’m sure you don’t want to ruin them because of such a silly thing. So, maintaining a healthy professor-student relationship is very important.

    • Attendance is necessary

    I know you all must have imagined bunking lectures and enjoying in the cafeteria but I should warn you that you don’t want to shorten your attendance in the college. Most of the colleges in India follow the rule of 75% attendance and if you have even a 0.1% attendance short then you are barred from giving your exams, as you won’t be provided your admit card. You may enjoy some of your college days by bunking your classes but not most of them as attendance is a must. If you think that this rule of 75% attendance is fake then ask someone who has failed to achieve it. Don’t take this rule lightly.

    The other reason for attending your lectures is, you should not take college education lightly. You must study hard from the beginning or else you will regret it during the end semester when you will lose hope for your future. If you attend your lectures, your professors will guide you every time you seek their guidance. If you have a good attendance score then your teachers also take you as a sincere student and you will have a good image in your teachers’ minds.

    • Don’t forget to check the notice board

    I know you must have seen notice boards in your school and they didn’t have many important things over it but notice boards in colleges are different. In college, the notice board holds all the important things that you need to know, events that are going to happen soon. In schools, announcements were made or notice was circulated in every classroom whenever there was something important to tell the students but in college, this thing is very rare. Every piece of information is attached to the notice board and the student must check it at least once a day or twice. If you miss something then you can’t blame the college administration as it is your fault that you ignored the notice. The notice board is there to notify you about your internal exams, external exams, and other things as well.

    • Stick to the dress regulations

    You must have imagined wearing anything you want to your college but here’s a small bloomer, most of the colleges have dress regulations. You may wear casuals on a day or two in a week on specific days but not more than that. Colleges have also set the guidelines to inform students what kind of clothes they are allowed to wear on the college premises. Colleges have their uniforms that you need to wear or you have to pay a fine. The dress codes are set to let the students know that a college is a place of education in which you have to follow certain rules. You must stick to the dress rules as it can help you create a good impression on your teachers’ minds.

    So, these were some basic rules that you need to follow when you go to college as these will help you a lot to become a good student. We are always told that college life is for enjoyment as we were very serious about our studies in school but college is known as higher education and the standard of education also gets high. You can enjoy your college life as much as you want but you need to focus on your education as well. Your college education and your scores will build your future, so don’t take your college education lightly.