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  • Second Semester Subjects of BBA

    • January 17, 2018
    • Posted By : Muskan Sehgal
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    When you hit the second semester, your subjects changes. Well I have heard a lot that as the semester changes every one wonders what subjects will they but don’t even check there college prospectus. So here I am to tell you the second semester subjects of BBA (Bachelors of Business Administration) and the benefits of having them towards your career. Each and every lecture has a lot of important in your career. Even the little things taught in these subjects stand a lot of worth in your career. So let me tell you the benefits of each and every subject and how they will help you in your career field.

    1. Business Law: Yes, You heard me right! Business Law, that is Law, we have a subject called Law in our BBA. But the question arises, why Law? I doesn’t makes any sense, Law is something else and Business Line is totally different from that. Business Law teaches you about the Laws and sections which are necessary to know when you are working under a business administration or business organisation or business enterprise or have opened your own. Business Law teaches you about the sections, rules made by our constitution so that you would work legally and safely. Every game has its rule just like that every business has its terms and conditions to go with. You should know the laws made under the business field so as to you could do a safe business and gain the trust of others. So you see this subject is very useful, you will get to know and learn a lot from this subject which is definitely beneficial and important for your career. This subject will basically teach you topics like contract, the details of how a contract is being made, how is an offer been made, how is the following offer accepted, the legal agreements on which one has to look after in a business organisation or business enterprise or business administration, various sections under the business, though every company has different terms and conditions but there are some common rules that every company needs to follow – various sections regarding it, the goods act, the factories act, or the rights of unpaid seller, etc. So you see this subject is a strong pillar if one wants to work in any kind of a business field or have his or her own business.
    2. Management and Soft Skills: Management and Soft Skills is also a very important subject in BBA. This subject is itself a strong pillar to the commerce stream. There are few things about which when you study and go through you be like it’s easy but when you work through it, you understand how difficult it is and the depth of it. This subject is something like that only. In this subject you study about how somebody reacts and what actually their reactions mean. This subject basically teaches us the following topics in brief: communication, leadership, listening, delegation, critical thinking, trustworthiness, networking, employee recognition, self-evaluation, personal responsibilities, positive attitude, good work habits, people skills, proactive learning, problem solving, etc. So you see it’s about working in a management and most of all managing yourself at the best level so that you could fit into the organisation and give your 100%. Management and Soft Skills teaches us the reactions of others, and about how one should maintain himself or herself at work, and how one should behave with others and handle others when they are having a different kind of a mood, etc. This subject is a very important subject and takes place an important role in BBA subjects.
    3. Management Accounting: This subject is based on more of theory and less of practical. This subject helps the managers working in the business organisation or business enterprise or business administration to look after the accounting information and gather the following information and take help from it, to take a glance from it and observe the things where they could advance, upgrade, or improve their project and observe where they are actually lacking behind. This subject is also an important pillar of BBA (Bachelors of Business Administration). It teaches a lot for how to work in a project, how to gather information, how to use the accounting information or take help from it to improvise or bring an upgradation to your following project work, it teaches how a management works especially in the category of accounting, you see accounting and management are two different words but if we put them together it forms something wonderful and amazing, it becomes a subject which is very informative and useful in the commerce stream as to one should know how to use the accounting information and improve or make that information beneficial enough so that it would be really helpful to the business organisation, or business enterprise, or business administration. This subject is necessary and important in BBA.
    4. PSM (Psychology for Managers): PSM (Psychology for Managers) is a very important subject and is an important pillar to BBA (Bachelors of Business Administration). PSM stands for Psychology for Managers. What do you understand by psychology? When the word psychology comes up, the first thing that pops up into mind is mind itself. Yes, Psychology refers to mind. This subject helps us to know about the behaviours, reactions, that one should give or have when he or she is working in a business enterprise or business organisation, or business administration. It teaches you about the individual behaviours, about the attitudinal problems, and that how to change your attitude, how to bring out a positive attitude, how to communicate in a way that it gives a positive impression, etc. The subject itself says a lot. Psychology for Managers, that is the actions, words, reactions, attitude, communication of the managers in there respected fields. This subject teaches a lot and takes an important position in the commerce stream. PSM (Psychology for Managers) is a very informative, and interesting subject to study.
    5. Business Economics: Business Economics is the subject which was been studied in the first semester BBA also and is in continued in semester two of BBA. This is a very interesting subject to excel in. In second semester you get to study about the macroeconomics that is the business economics or the economic problems related to the whole economy. You get to study about the market equilibrium, about the demand supply in markets, etc. Whatever you will study in second semester, will be based on the macro level that is the level of a whole. So Business Economics is an important pillar to BBA as it turns out to be an informative subject which could really help in the field of business.
    6. Punjabi or HCP: In my college, I had a subject for a particular language, either you can choose Punjabi or HCP, if you have taken Punjabi in your 9th and 10th grade then you gotta take Punjabi in college too but if you haven’t taken Punjabi in your 9th and 10th grade then you can opt for HCP, i.e. History and Culture of Punjab.
    7. EVS: We also had a subject called EVS. Everyone is aware of this following subject. This subject is very interesting to study and is totally about the environment, safety, rules, etc. everything which is linked up with environment, i.e. our whole Mother Earth.