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New Dimensions in Management: Striving for business excellence

A Souvenir of National Seminar “New Dimensions in Management: Striving for business excellence”
Organized On: October 18 & 19, 2008
Organized by: School of Management Sciences, Varanasi

With the dynamism of industry moving at the speed unheard of the traditional roles and responsibilities of almost all skill based positions are undergoing constant evolutionary change. Managers faced new demands for not only a broad and up-to-date technical skills base but also for more business aptitude, leadership ability and interpersonal skills. For most business organisations, management is “Where the rubber hits the road”. It’s where dollars are spent, people are hired, systems are delivered and contracts are won or lost. In today’s high-tech World, management needs new dimensions in both tangible as well as intangible skills and talents to be successful.

This Seminar aims to provide a vibrant platform to industry representatives, academicians, research scholars and students to cross examine the multi-disciplinary field of management and confer upon the new dimensions of management which emanate from the cross fertilization of ideas leading to serve the solitary objectives, i.e. Business Excellence.

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