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Globalization of Indian Economy: Opportunities and Challenges

A Souvenir of National Seminar “Globalization of Indian Economy: Opportunities and Challenges”
Organized On: October 6 & 7, 2007
Organized by: School of Management Sciences, Varanasi

In order to gain a foot hold in the rapidly developing market, Indian companies need to fully understand the role of the global management philosophies and corporate networks that are playing fierce competition for resources and target markets in this attractive region and evaluation of the impact that the Indian economy will have on foreign markets and to be determined by an accurate environmental analysis. By taking a fresh look at the corporate challenges for the global business, this seminar decisively informed the debate on innovations, productivity and growth in India.

This seminar actually examines India, both as manufacturing base as well as target market from the perspective of global companies. This seminar had actually thrown light on the implications for foreign business and policy-makers of the consequences of deep integration of world economies. The main objective of this seminar was to develop fresh avenues of research that will inform understanding of the relationship between Indian and Global companies and therefore between the global economies.

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