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पुनर्जन्म (Prof. Sanjay Saxena & Prof. Amit Kishore Sinha)

पुनर्जन्म (Prof. Sanjay Saxena & Prof. Amit Kishore Sinha)

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Prof. Sanjay Saxena

Prof. Sanjay Saxena currently serves as a Professor and holds the esteemed position ofChairperson at the Center for Digital Learning while also coordinating ManagementDevelopment Programmes (MDPs). With a rich academic career, his areas of expertise includeStrategic Management, Organizational Behavior, Sales, and Marketing. Prof. Saxena scholarly contributions encompass eight publications in international and national journals, coupled withactive participation in ten conferences and seminars, highlighting his commitment to sharingknowledge. In addition to his research achievements, he has authored two books or bookchapters, establishing himself as an authority in his fields of interest. Beyond academia, hebrings a wealth of industrial experience, which enhances his ability to enrich the educationalexperiences of his students and colleagues.


Prof. Amit Kishore Sinha


Prof. Amit Kishore Sinha holds a distinguished position as an educator with over a decade ofexperience in the field of academia, serving as a Coordinator for M.Com programs, CompetitiveExaminations Guidance Cell, and Library Coordination Committee. He is a dedicated researcherand has contributed significantly with seven publications at national and international levels.Prof. Sinha actively engages in scholarly discourse, having presented his research at 11conferences and seminars. His areas of expertise include Finance, Taxation, and Insurance, andhe is an esteemed member of the Varanasi Management Association (VMA). In addition to hisacademic commitments, he dedicates his time to various institutional responsibilities, includingIQAC & NAAC, CREST (Sports Club), and the Centre for Spiritualism and Human Enrichment.With two years of practical industrial experience, Prof. Amit Kishore Sinha enriches theacademic landscape with real-world insights, offering a holistic approach to education.

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