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Taxonomy of Database Management System by Aditya Kumar Gupta

Book-2This book does not require any previous knowledge for database or database technology as the concepts are built from ground level towards advance topics and technology. This book is self-contained and has a flexible organization to suit the needs of individual courses. This book may be treated as a textbook in the area of Database Management system for the MCA, BCA and B.Tech courses of various universities of India. The book contains eighteen chapters that are categorized in three parts: The Basic Concepts, Core Topics and Advance Topics .The book also covers basic concepts of allied subjects like distributed database, data Warehouse & data mining etc. The purpose of writing this book is to provide such a book that bridges the gap between student’s skill and subject treatment. This book is easy to understand and to assimilate comprehensive treatment to the subject matter.

About the Author

Aditya Kumar Gupta is working in the capacity of Lecturer, Department of Computer Application, School of Management Sciences, Varanasi. He is pursuing Ph.D. in Computer Science from UP Technical University, Lucknow in the field of Data Warehouse and Data Mining and GIS. The author has sound practical work experience of Database Technology and Computer Algorithms. He received his MCA Degree from Purvanchal University in 2002. He has Eight years of experience in academic and software development.


PART ONE Basic Concepts

  • Basic Concepts of Database Systems
  • Entity-Relationship Model
  • Data Models and its Implementations
  • Introduction to Relational Model
  • Oracle: A Relational Database Management System

PART TWO Core Topics

  • Structured Query Language: SQL
  • Procedural Language/Structured Query Language: PL/SQL
  • Relational Algebra and Relational Calculus
  • Normalizing Database
  • Database Design and Tuning
  • Transaction Processing
  • Query Processing and Query Optimization
  • Database Recovery Techniques
  • Concurrency Control Techniques.

PART THREE Advance Topics

  • Data Warehousing
  • Data Mining and Web Mining
  • Object-oriented Database
  • Distributed Database.

Publisher: FireWall Media

Author: Aditya Gupta
Publisher: FireWall Media (An Imprint of Laxmi Publication Pvt. Ltd.)
ISBN : 81-318-0006-7
Pages : 146
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