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Economics For Managerial Decisions by Prof K.M. Pandey

Economics for Managerial Decisions is an integral part of the business curriculum, which provides good understanding of how basic concepts of Economics can be used in analyzing business environment and facilitating decision making in regard to allocation of scarce resources. Economics for Managerial Decisions is’ broadly concerned with micro economic principles involved and problems encountered in making economic decisions in business management.

This book is oriented to business and management and intends to explain the application of economic principles to managerial/business decision making. Diagrams, mathematical computations and illustrations are provided in the book for enhancing the understanding of economic concepts and their applications in decision making. All relevant mathematical tools introduced in one chapter and exposed in the text intend to provide greater insight and clarity into economic analysis of the business problems. The subject matter is presented in a simple and lucid manner so as to make the study more comprehensible and really intelligible to all concerned.


Prof. K.M.Pandey, M.Com, Ph.D, D.Litt, started his teaching career in Allahabad University as a lecturer in Commerce and Business Administration Department in the year 1967. He has joined Banaras Hindu University as a Reader in Commerce in 1980. He was promoted as Professor of Commerce on the open post in 1997. Later on, he has served BHU as Head and Dean, Faculty of Commerce and also Registrar and Finance Officer. He has attended several National and International Conferences and Seminars. Presently he is working with School of Management Sciences in capacity of Professor Emeritus.

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