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Spiritual Paradigm for Management (Editor : Sandeep Singh)

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Management with spirituality at the root is required for better decision making and good results. Short term and narrow objectives often lead to decision making which proves highly detrimental for the stakeholders in the long run although at the time of decision making they seem most beneficial. Spirituality provides a broader and holistic dimension in Management from the perspective of setting of the objectives and following the means to achieve those objectives.


The problem is that the knowledge of spirituality is highly skewed in present times and is considered as something which has no role in management. This misconception has to be given more clarity so that real meaning of spirituality could be understood. This clarity could bring in realization that in no way spirituality is detrimental to management in today’s highly competitive environment rather it has deep rooted role to play for better decision making.


In spite of plenty of research in the field of business ethics and its role in society, we have seen businesses failing miserably and a crisis of trust among stakeholders on business. Researches based on empirical studies have not yet been able to control the uncertainty that exists in businesses today.

At this critical juncture when business field is facing turbulent environment and there is growing mistrust among common man towards management practices, spirituality is suddenly emerging as a viable alternative route towards achieving sustainability bringing in the much needed paradigm shift in modern management.


The lack of awareness of the spiritual dimensions in management has already done lot of damage to the present world society as has been visible the way society has shaped in last few decades in not only business but also in politics, bureaucracy, and inter-personal relationships. To make this world better management principles and practices must embrace spirituality.


This book is a small attempt to explain spirituality in a simple way and highlighting its role in management so that the field of management gets more enriched for the betterment of practices. This book tries to highlight the fact that spirituality is not detrimental to management in any way rather it is highly beneficial in demonstrating responsible and effective management.


Editor of Book: Sandeep Singh, Associate Professor, SMS Varanasi

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