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  • Three-Days PGDM and MBA Orientation Started at SMS Varanasi

    • July 20, 2017
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    On the occasion of the Orientation Programme for the 23rd batch of two-year full-time Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) and the 5th batch of MBA at the leading B-School of the country, School of Management Sciences (SMS), Varanasi, the Chief Guest, Prof. Mohd. Muzzammil (Former VC, B.R. Ambedkar University, Agra and M.J.P. Rohilkhand University, Bareilly), exhorted the new-comers with a lot of inspirational thoughts. In his address to the gathering of more than 200 students in these two PG Management courses, he said being at SMS itself means that students are precious! Quoting available data, he said that only about 20 percent of youth in the age group of 18-25 years do higher studies and of which only 3-4 percent go for professional studies. And less than 1 percent can be accommodated in top-most B-schools like SMS, signifying the precious nature of SMS Varanasi.

    He pondered upon three essentials of life, capacity (which is God gifted), ability (which is skill-oriented) and Willingness (which signifies choice). He further added that for students, SMS is like a new home for two years where they would find knowledge and peace. He also said that we should never look back as it leads to nowhere. He congratulated the new incumbents for studying in the best time in history as the facilities and amenities have grown multifold. Referring to the same, he also added that in spite of best of the times, tensions, worries, and anxieties put us in distress situations and it is here that the role of teachers come into play and they inspire to take their students to higher echelons of Quality. Quality is a moving standard, he commented and inspired the new students to go for pursuit as excellence is endless!

    He further asked the students to utilize time, energy and money properly for constructive ideas. If they enjoy doing this in these good times, as he referred to earlier, they would enjoy their whole life. Education would empower them and teachers would give them wings to fly, he opined. He also stressed on the need to possess emotional and spiritual power and go for the adventure of ideas. Prof. Muzzammil said further, students should show generosity in their life. Today is the world of development which happens to be a function of Knowledge, education, and training and hence, all of us in this fraternity are both, means of development and end of development, commented the Chief Guest. The Guest of Honour on the occasion, Mr. Rajesh Kumar Srivastava (Head HR & Adm, Gopal Group) asked the students to work hard and work smart. They can develop fire of excellence in them only if they dream big, he added. Congratulating the newcomers, he said that coming to SMS means you are second to none, as the Institution has a unique record of quality placements throughout the years ever since inception in 1995, said the Guest.