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  • Warning Sign Of Depression In College Students And Possible Cures.

    • January 30, 2019
    • Posted By : Sachin Tomar
    • Comments Off on Warning Sign Of Depression In College Students And Possible Cures.

    Every day, we come across news related to students’ depression. In this fast-paced era, depression has become the most dangerous epidemic. Every other person is silently suffering from it, students are more prone to depression as most of them are living away from their families. Many students who first time come out from their home, cannot cope with the increasing pressure of being an independent adult. Most of us, get pampered at home, get love from all members of the family, whenever you need anything or fall ill, your family is there for you but when you are living alone, away from your home city, it becomes quite difficult to manage things.

    Warning signs of depression:

    Sometimes, students even won’t realize that they are getting depressed, there are some warning signs you must be aware of:

    Feeling alone all the time:

    Though you are attending your classes, talking to classmates but still have a feeling of loneliness, then this might be a warning sign of depression. When students come to another city for study, initially they may suffer from the homesickness but as time passes by, they get adjusted to the new city but if after spending enough time, you are still feeling the same then watch out and take help.

    Not interested in any activity, just want to lay down on your bed:

    If a student feels uninterested in every activity, be it sport or cultural or academic activities, then it’s an alarming sign. If a person comes in the grip of depression, he does not want to leave his bed, he just wants to escape from the real world and wants to lose in his tiny imaginary world.

    Feeling anxious all the time:

    If a student feels anxiety all the time, be alert. Sometimes it’s quite normal to get anxious about a situation or person but if a student has this feeling even without any reasons then it is dangerous. It means he needs help.

    Feeling less energetic:

    Student life is usually the most active years of life. They feel so energetic that they want to change the world with their thinking and hard work. They have plenty of ideas and energy to work on numerous problems simultaneously but if a student feels less energetic every time and look exhausted, then probably it’s time to get some help.

    A drastic change in sleeping pattern:

    Student life is the time when they can stay awake whole night for the preparations of next morning exams that too without feeling tired. If there is a noticeable change in the sleeping pattern and interfere their day to day life, it’s better to find a cure because a sleep-deprived person cannot conquer the world.

    Sudden weight changes and unexpected pain in the body:

    If there is a sudden change in weight, take a note. Sometimes, in the depression people start to eat a lot of junk food that results in heavy Weight gain or in some cases they lose interest in food that results in excessive weight loss. Both cases are warning sign and you should not ignore it. If you have a sudden headache or stomach ache and doctor could not find anything wrong then your pain might be because of your negative thoughts.


    Prevention is always better than cure. Keep yourself busy with your work. Make small goals and fulfill them, it makes you happy. We are giving you a few tips so to tackle depression.

    Communication is the best solution:

    Of course, communication is the key. Try to communicate as many people as possible. Don’t spend all-time in a small space. The more you communicate, the more you’ll learn about people and your surrounding.

    Ask for the help:

    If you ever feel any problem or pressure just ask for help. No one is a God who can understand your problems without telling them. Never hesitate to ask for help. If something is not feeling right, talk to your parents, teachers, friends. Don’t just sit in the silence.

    Marks are not everything, gain knowledge:

    Many students run behind marks like crazy people, this is not the right thing. Well, marks could be something but its not everything. Try to understand concepts, if your concepts are clear, you’ll certainly get good marks but if for any reason, you could not get good marks, don’t be sad, this is not the end of the world. Life is very big and full of plenty of opportunities, just keep working, don’t stop. Always remember one thing, nothing is precious than your own life.

    Accept failures:

    Many students could not cope with failures and become depressed. No one can always win, failures are part of a student’s journey. Just use your failures in a positive manner. Accept your failures and try to find out why did you fail? Once, you get the reason for your failure, start working to improve it. If you make a habit of learning from your failures, you’ll never feel depressed.

    Have friends:

    Humans are the social animal, they need friends to share their stories but in the case of students, is compulsory to have a gang of friends. If you have to prepare for the next day’s exam, no one can teach you a chapter in a night except your friends. Make more and more friends, in this process you learn about different attitudes towards life.

    Develop and nourish your hobby:

    Student life is the best time to develop and nourish your hobby. Learn something new, it could be anything ranging from guitar lessons to water painting. When you work on your hobby, you forget about the world. The study tells that if you pursue your hobby at least twice in a week, your chances of getting depressed, reduce to half. So, keep enjoying your life.

    Read good books:

    Books have been human friends for a very long time. They empower your imagination. You enter in the world of books and get lost. Make reading your habit. Utilize your free time to read some good books. Books could be the life changer for you so, change your life by reading books.

    Help others:

    This is the law of nature “ You’ll get what you give.” Help others. It might be a very little help such as clearing a mathematics doubt of a fellow student or give a glass of water to your bookworm friend who does not have time for himself. Little helps also mean a lot. You’ll feel happy by doing these small things.

    Take the help of a counselor:

    Even after applying every technique discussed above, you could not get rid of your depression. If you are still not feeling right. If something is bothering you and you cannot sleep properly. If attempting every effort to keep the negative thoughts away is failing, then it’s time to visit a counselor.

    A counselor or psychologist can help you to be happy again. There is no shame to visit a counselor, they know a better cure. There is no need to suffer, help is available, make most of it.