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  • What are Some Tips From Indian Students for a Sincere MBA Student, Prior to Beginning his MBA?

    • January 15, 2020
    • Posted By : Muskan Sehgal
    • Comments Off on What are Some Tips From Indian Students for a Sincere MBA Student, Prior to Beginning his MBA?

    MBA i.e. Masters in Business Administration is an amazing opportunity and a degree of 2 year in your post-graduation. Overall MBA is a great option to pick for, after doing your bachelors.

    Talking about tips regarding MBA, here are the following things that one should keep in mind while going for MBA:

    1. Institution:

    This is a very important point as an institution r a college’s name matters a lot.

    If you have got a wonderful CAT score and you are going in IIM its like a stamp on your CV of “way to go!”.

    But you see, not every time the best college counts. At times, the best turns into worst. Plus, environment matters.

    This is not written anywhere that coming from IIM can only get you a job. If you pursue MBA from some other institute as well then it depends on your skills for how far can you go because even if you get into IIM, your performance would matter a lot because if your performance do not match as per the expectations then you will be receiving a normal package and not something that you have been dreaming of. So, skills are what matters the most. To elaborate the same, let’s look at another point.

    2. Skills:

    If you are not willing to indulge yourself in MBA then do not go for it because you would be wasting your time and nothing else. MBA requires concentration. Sure, people say that MBA is peanuts or that for an average student it can be easily done. But the thing is, if you are having high job expectations from MBA but you do not show efforts, do not learn or excel in the skills that were right in front of you and you had the opportunity then let me give you three words, “you messed up!”

    Skills can be of many types. It can be interpersonal skills, communication skills as being in any type of industry, communication is a must, be it verbal communication or non-verbal communication, a communication between parties is a must only then can business bring out results!

    There are many other skills as well, like leadership skills, motivational skills etc.

    3. Environment:

    You see, you need to make sure that you are feasible with your MBA. Education does not matter if you are not comfortable to study the same.

    At times, it’s the environment that is not feasible to us. You must have heard many cases where you do not feel like you. You feel disturbed. You feel weird about everything. This means that you are not comfortable in that very environment so pick another institute.

    You see, a company has to take care of various types of feasibilities, which are as follows:

    • Market Feasibility- market feasibility is basically to check whether the company fits in the market or not and for what is the situation of the same in the market. How is the company coping up with the competitors and how is the sales going as per the demand made?
    • Socio-cultural feasibility- an organisation is not just about work, work and work. its about its people also that define it. The most vital resource of an origination is its human resource so an organisation has to cope up with the social as well as cultural environment so that no employee’s feelings are either hurt or ignored. Because one person can be the change so that one person can also tear the whole organisation down!
    • Environment feasibility- this is what we were discussing earlier, for whether the organisation fits within the environment or not. But here environment can also be pictured as the actual environment, i.e. the climatic conditions, the location of the organisation, the factors of production and how fast can they be available.
    • Technological feasibility- whether the said organisation is moving as per the technology or not. Because if a company do not work along the era, then sooner than later the organization will collapse. This is so, because the present gen is all about technology. And there are many machines out there that completes your work in minutes!

    So just like the above, if you are not comfortable or feasible with the chosen college or institute then it is of no use.

    4. Specialization:

    You see, MBA serves a bunch of specializations which define each and every sector present out there, and there are still many fields which are being worked upon!

    So here is the list of specializations which are mostly found in colleges or institutes in reference to MBA:

    • Marketing
    • Human Resources
    • Finance
    • Research & Development
    • Entrepreneurship
    • Insurance
    • Digital Marketing
    • IT

    You can always the pick the specialization that is of your choice and if you are confused then you can go with subject that you chose or most liked in your bachelors.

    So, these are the tips that one should look after while pursing for MBA, because anyone can tell you about those façade tips but these are the points that actually matters. All people think of choosing MBA but they forget the difficulty involved in it.

    Just because people say that MBA is not that difficult that you can do it easily does not define that you are also comfortable with the said institute or college or say university.

    So, if you have decided that you are going to pursue MBA and this is your final decision then start looking for colleges or institutes that serve MBA and do not forget the point above because no matter what the environment for a student does matter

    If a student does not cooperate with the environment or does not feel comfortable then he or she won’t be able to commence his or her studies further.

    So, keep in mind the following points and choose the best college you feel is comfortable to you!