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  • Which is a better option after B. Com- PGDM or MBA?

    • January 18, 2020
    • Posted By : Muskan Sehgal
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    B. Com stands for Bachelors of Commerce. This is a three-year under-graduate degree that focuses on discipline of accounts.

    You see, BBA and B. Com, are the two course that are involved in commerce at under graduate level. But the only different among them is that BBA focuses on Management and B. Com focuses on Accounting.

    Now coming to the main topic, if you have done B. Com in your under graduate level and you are confused for what to choose among MBA and PGDM then you have come across the right place.

    To move further let me elaborate the both for you, so that you can easily understand the perspective and the mechanism of MBA as well as PGDM and do not feel confused at all.

    Also, before we begin let me tell you one thing, as your field is commerce, so both, be it MBA or PGDM serves Finance as their specialization, so you can totally relax on that. Your discipline will remain the same and its an obvious that if you want to switch then there are many more specializations in different disciplines available out there.


    Masters of Business Administration is a two-year post-graduation course. The focus of MBA is to teach the students the administration or in other words the structure and how the whole mechanism works.

    MBA teaches the following skills to the students:

    • Presentation skills: A student who would be doing a job or say business should know how to create a presentation. At times, presentation helps to describe your whole company. So you never know when your boss would give you a sudden order to make a presentation and BAMMMM you will be scared! So, one should know for how to form a presentation.
    • Report making: Same goes with report writing. There are tons workshops and seminars held out there to teach the students for to make a report. Because involvement of report making is major in the world of business.
    • Communication skills: communication is the key to everything, be it verbal or non-verbal. Communication is something that helps you to express yourself. And without expressing yourself, you cannot put your idea out there. So, every corporation or organization expects to have at least intermediary level in communication.
    • Confidence as well as personality: A candidate should have the confidence to face any obstacle coming in its way only then can he or she became a permanent employee in an organization. And personality is something that defines his or her perspective. And perspective is something that can be seen through from a person’s attitude. So, all these things are molded in MBA so that a student does not mess up at the time when he or she is representing a company.
    • Decision-making and problem-solving: MBA students generally end up becoming the managers of an origination. The most important duty of a manager is to participate in the decision-making of the company because he or she is the one who is dealing with the colleagues, clients as well as employees. Also, he or she is the one who at times, is representing the company to the outside world which shows that his or her decision is very important at time. Also, a manager should be a problem solver no matter how difficult or say, sudden the situation is. The manager should always tackle the problem calmly and handle the situation wisely.


    PGDM is Post-Graduation Diploma in Management. Just like MBA concentrates or focuses on Business Administration, PGDM focuses on Management.

    You see this 2 year diploma course provides you an in-depth knowledge about the importance of management and not just that, it also focuses on the specialization you have chosen, so lets say that you have chosen finance, then they key subjects for your 2 year diploma course becomes Management and Finance (basically Accounts).

    PGDM also teaches various skills. These are as follows:

    • Importance of Management: Management is something which is quite beneficial. Actually, it is the only thing that makes the difference. Without management, things are impossible to be done. The true definition of management is to organize, manage, staff, direct, plan, control, cooperate, coordinate, motivate, analyse etc. to get things done as per the goals and objectives of the organisation.
    • Management division: PGDM teaches you for how management is distributed in every field, and is present everywhere. So whatever field you have, you would be having management in the same.
    • Research: PGDM teaches you the importance of Research and how research is the only thing that becomes the starting point to everything. You see without research; it is nearly impossible to bring out conclusions. Even experimentation is inclusive in research. You cannot just mix up some ingredients and force someone to eat. Research is a vital part of the organization.
    • Interpersonal skills: PGDM also teaches various types interpersonal skills that helps to mold a student into a better person. Our behavior can either lead us towards success or can drown us in a big ocean. So, we need to be careful of how we take care of our personality and what sort of actions do we make out there. Because our attitude as well as out actions define our perception. And perception, my friend, is everything!

    There are many skills that are being taught in both PGDM as well as MBA. If research is being taught in PGDM then business analysis is being taught in MBA. It’s always like potato-potata.

    All you need to observe is that MBA focuses on Business Administration and PGDM focuses on the Management. Now its your call to pick whichever you feel like, cause if you are pursuing B. Com, MBA as well as PGDM, both have Accounting/ Finance in their specialization.