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  • Why MBA degree holders are not getting jobs as per their qualification?

    • February 25, 2019
    • Posted By : Muskan Sehgal
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    Before getting to the main point, let’s talk about MBA in a detailed manner.
    MBA stands for Masters in Business Administration. It is basically the upgraded level of BBA. But other streams like B. Tech, B. Com, etc. also prefer the same, after there Under Graduation.
    As the name says, this course totally depends on the tactics of the Business World and teaches the students for how to exist in the game.
    It is a course which enhances the skills of the students regarding management practices. It sharpens the soft skills of the students like motivation, interpersonal relationship, behavioral aspects, communication, negotiation, etc. Not just that, MBA gives an opportunity to the students to create a platform of their own, i.e. MBA boosts up those students who have the caliber to open up their own businesses. MBA is a degree that lets the students explore the practical opportunities so that they could examine what they actually have to do in the real World. This is a very important aspect, those students who do not consider the internships, trainings that are to be done during MBA, face difficulties, but let’s come back to that later.

    There are several ways that one can opt for, for pursuing MBA

    • Full-time MBA
    • Part time MBA
    • Executive MBA
    • Correspondence MBA
    • Distance MBA
    • Online MBA

    MBA is a two year post graduation course. But sometimes the time period can be less than 2 years or more than 2 years also depending on the type of way you are opting it. But mainly it’s a 2 year degree course.

    MBA course fees

    Course fees may vary from college to college or from university to university. For example, a student pursuing for MBA outside India would have a different fee criteria than the student pursuing MBA in India.

    But on an approximation, MBA course fees can cost from 5 lakhs up to 15 lakhs.


    The subjects of MBA are taught in two years, in a way that, at first basics are formed, well here many students get annoyed for why are the basics of management being taught, but think about it, though its a continuous portion of BBA, yet other students from streams like B. Tech, B. Com, etc. also pursue MBA at the times of their post graduation which is why setting up the basics first is a must, so that every student is accepted equally in the course from the very beginning to the end.

    In the first semester, following are the subjects served to set the basics of management in every student’s knowledge:

    • Financial Accounting
    • Economics
    • Research and Quantitative Business Methods
    • E-Business and E-Commerce
    • Leadership, Governance and Corporate Sustainability, Part 1

    In the second semester, another step or we can say the up gradation of the 1st semester subjects can be seen:

    • Strategic Management
    • Corporate Finance
    • Managing People and Motivation
    • International Marketing
    • Leadership, Governance & Corporate Sustainability, Part 2

    The third semester depends on the area of specialization that the students opt for.

    • Marketing
    1. Business Ethics
    2. Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC)
    3. Marketing Management
    4. Marketing of Services
    5. Leadership, Governance & Corporate Sustainability, Part 3
    • International Finance
    1. Investment Techniques
    2. Multinational Financial Management
    3. Mergers and Acquisitions
    4. Business Ethics
    5. Leadership, Governance & Corporate Sustainability, Part 3
    • International Business
    1. International Business Law
    2. Operations Management
    3. Economics of Money, Business and Finance
    4. Business Ethics
    5. Leadership &Corporate Sustainability, Part 3
    • Entrepreneurship
    1. Entrepreneurship
    2. Strategic Leadership
    3. Negotiation
    4. Business Ethics
    5. Leadership &Corporate Sustainability, Part 3

    Semester 4 is involved with the following:

    • Project Study
    • Strategic Management
    • International Business Environment

    MBA degree works on the tactics of case studies and project works.

    Case studies help the students to gain knowledge about the various situations that are out there, it becomes a true example for there near future so that if any situation like the same happens they know how to manage it smartly.

    Project works are helpful for the students as they get to examine their theoretical aspects into the practical form. So project works need to be taken very seriously or else taking project works, internships as a joke could though at that time won’t effect you much but it could effect you in the future because project works, internships help you to bring the theoretical information to the practical World.

    Now let’s come to the main topic, Why MBA degree holders are not getting jobs as per their qualification?

    The only answer to the above is simple, that I even have mentioned above twice. The theoretical knowledge that we gain is far more different than the practical World. It’s easy to read something like:

    According to Henri Fayol,

    “To manage is to forecast and to plan, to organize, to command, to co-ordinate and to control.”

    And if we try to understand the above definition, we can pretty much say, that management works on the 5 features, i.e. planning, organizing, command/ staffing, and controlling.

    • Planning can be further explained as creating of an idea for what is to be done in the near future or what things or goals need to be implemented or set.
    • Organizing can be defined as organizing the things so that the plan works accordingly.
    • Staffing/ commanding consists of
    • directing the employees for:
    1. What to do?
    2. How to do?
    3. For whom to do?
    • Motivating the employees as such that they work on the organizational goals instead of personal needs – this can be done by two ways- carrot and stick rule:
    1. Where carrot is consider as a promotion/ bonus/ prize/ gift
    2. Stick can be considered as the strictness regarding the employees to make them work for the organization.
    • Co-ordination: it is different from co-operation. Co-operation is where a group of people whole together work on a particular project to bring a common goal. And co-ordination can be defined where each and every sector is working on their own but the superior is co-ordinating, i.e. making sure for whether each and every aspect is moving towards the right direction.
    • Controlling: controlling and organizing are the two features that move along the whole process. From the very beginning till the end, organizing needs to be done, and controlling, i.e. each and every thing or aspect is moving along towards the organizational goal or not.

    So after reading just a small definition, your brain can go to a huge extent to summarize things and understand it in your own way. But if you try to implement the same in the real World, then it may be difficult for you. Let me give you a clear cut example, have you ever maintained your wardrobe? At some level in your life, you realise how dirty you are and that you don’t organize things the way it should be and so a new positive ray moves inside you and you get all glowy and shiny and promise to yourself that from today itself, I will start maintaining my wardrobe and yes you do, but it ends up that day only. One the very second day, it feels like laziness overloaded! Let me give you an another example, every semester, we think that we will study from day 1, we will maintain notes, and we will crack the butt out of the semester exams, but I guess we all know where we all end up to!

    I think I have made a pretty clear image of what I have wanted to say. Theoretical knowledge and practical World are quite different, we say we can do this, we can do that, but we are the only ones who freak out if we see a lizard in our room, and you have to admit, whether it’s a guy or a gal, at the first place you do get scared, but then you wear a mask of, “huh! Its just a lizard.” Man I wish that lizard falls on you, then we’ll see “kaun kitna pani mai hai”.

    Anyways moving forward, the most simplest solution to the above is that, when we get a chance of internship or training, we should take it in a very serious manner, because that is where our road trip begins, that is the best position where we can try to bring the theoretical knowledge to the practical World, and as it is just a training or an internship, you can try to experiment your caliber. So it’s not just an internship or training, it is an internship or training”. I hope you get the point.