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  • Why Should You Choose Digital Marketing Over Traditional Marketing In Our MBA?

    • March 9, 2019
    • Posted By : Sachin Tomar
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    Once, you crossed all the level of an MBA entrance exam, there arises a most difficult question what stream one should choose? There are various options available in different B-schools. For example, an MBA in finance, marketing, human resources management, information technology, healthcare management is too few names.

    But as you see the current trend, more and more students are opting for digital marketing. In this post, we’ll figure out what are the advantages of digital marketing over traditional marketing. More and more colleges are offering courses in digital marketing :

    Earlier, very few colleges were offering courses in digital marketing but as the internet fever catches up, many prestigious colleges have started to offer courses in digital marketing and many are in the queue.

    Since the demand for digital marketing is catching pace, it needs more skilled people, that’s why while choosing your stream in an MBA course, you should keep the latest market trend in your mind. There will be more jobs in digital marketing because small to big businesses, everybody will eventually sell its products online and without the help of digital marketing, they cannot be successful. Slowly, Traditional marketing is taking over by digital marketing.

    The scope of digital marketing:

    In the old times, when there was no internet presence marketing was solely done physically but as the internet is spreading its wings, digital marketing is becoming more relevant. In this era, no business will be successful without digital marketing.

    Digital marketing is changing the game:

    If you closely look, you’ll find that from big tech giants to a small food vendor, everyone is getting more interested in digital marketing. If a business is very good but does not have an online presence, it’s very likely that the business won’t get that successful as it could be, if it had used digital marketing. Digital marketing is now a new game changer. There are various digital marketing strategies that are currently in a trend, few of them are as follows :

    1- Organic Social Media: Organic social media is social networking through various platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. It is constantly evolving with digital media. As the number of social media increases, competition is also going to be very tougher. Over the past few years, use of social media has increased by multi folds this implies digital marketing will never be out of trend.

    2- Paid Social Media: Paid social media is to display advertise regarding your business on various social media platforms. This is one of the oldest digital marketing strategies.

    3- Email Marketing: People are using email for correspondence. Email marketing ensures that your business will reach to targeted audiences in real time.

    4- Display Retargeting: Mostly people surf various websites before purchasing anything, to make your business successful this digital marketing strategy helps in converting the traffic into real customers.

    5- Programmatic Advertising: With the use of latest technologies and algorithms, programmatic adverting ensures that digital marketing never becomes obsolete and attracts more and more customers.

    Change in the buying perspective:

    Digital marketing is not going off the trend at least for another few decades. Digital media is growing in leaps and bounds with every passing day. People are opting for online shopping and there are various factors by which a customer gets impacted.

    Effect of product reviews on the sell of an item :

    According to a survey, consumers are considering product reviews and service reviews very seriously. So, if a product has very good marketing and gets good reviews then it’s most likely that more and more customer will by the product. For example, if you want to buy a suit from Amazon and it looks very good to you but in the review section, people are criticizing the product then you won’t buy that item unless you have unlimited money. This is the attitude of almost every consumer. They are relying on online reviews more than anything.

    Comfort and convenience:

    Today’s consumer wants a hassle free transaction and they prefer comfort over money. This means if a business wants to be successful it should provide services according to the comfort and convenience of the consumers and digital marketing comes here as a savior. It’s very essential to make a customer believe that he would get the best products and services.

    Cost Effectiveness of digital marketing :

    Digital marketing is really trending because of one of the most important aspect of it which is very hard to ignore that is cost effectiveness.

    Real Time results: Many small and mediums sized businesses are getting real-time profits and analysis of their business with the use of digital marketing. It’s quite obvious that traditional marketing is not as cost effective as digital marketing is. This means digital marketing can boost your business profit. It can generate more revenues than traditional methods. It provides real-time results and analysis that can certainly boost your business. Contrary to traditional marketing, digital marketing takes less time and resources that makes a business more profitable.

    Even the Indian government has recognized, the importance of digital media and marketing. There are various government-backed programmes that are promoting the use of digital media and marketing.

    Digital marketing will be in trend as long as the internet is there. Digital marketing can bring more customers and if effectively used it can be a game changer and profit can shoot up drastically.

    So, when you go for your admissions, don’t forget to consider digital marketing too as a career option.