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  • Wondering if you should pursue a degree in B.Com or not? We might help you figure that out.

    • January 3, 2020
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    B.Com (Hons) is one of the most commonly pursued courses of all. Students that are from a commerce background, usually, get inclined towards this course.

    However, it does not mean that the Arts or Science background students cannot get admission in this course. It is a course open for all, provided that you have Mathematics as a subject in your 10+2.


    • A student must have passed his/her 10+2 from a recognized board of a country in order to pursue B.Com (Hons)
    • He/she must have passed in one of the following subjects- Accountancy, Business Studies, Mathematics, or Economics at an intermediate level.


    Getting a degree in this course can never be a waste of resources as it offers you a variety of subjects related to commerce that are useful for almost everyone.

    The syllabus of this course is vast and erudite. It offers integrated learning in the basics of Finance, Accounting, Business, and Economics.

    Here are some of the various subjects that one will learn during the ongoing of Bcom (Hons)-

    • Accounting
    • Business Environment
    • Business Mathematics
    • IT & Business Communication
    • Business Economics
    • Costing & Auditing
    • Public Finance & Budgeting
    • Income Tax laws & Accounts
    • Company Law
    • Marketing
    • Sales Management & Advertising
    • Banking & Insurance

    As you can see, there are n number of things that you can gain knowledge of from this course.

    If all or most of these subjects sound interesting to you, then you might want to stick around and look into its scope and fields.


    B.Com (Hons) is one of those degrees whose knowledge is sure to come in handy now or later in your life.

    It provides one with ample skills to join a Finance or Banking institute. Or if interested, one can also study further and pursue M.Com or MBA from any recognized university.

    With the basic knowledge of business and accounting, one can also begin with their own business startup. Many entrepreneurs get motivated to start their own firm after getting suitable skillset required for it.

    The scope of this course is very wide and intriguing. It even opens doors for Chartered Accountancy and Company Secretary-ship.


    B.Com (Hons) offers plenty of career options to choose from. In many cases, students prefer to study further in the related fields to acquire more knowledge.

    Here are some of the fields which are good options for the students of B.Com (Hons) –

    The above fields- Marketing, Accounting, Banking, and Finance, are the four main areas of interest for a B.Com (Hons) graduate.

    Once you know which field you are inclined towards, then you can dive into the industry and search for your ideal job profiles.


    Image Source: iSN Global Solutions

    An ideal field for those with good communication skills and creative aptitude. Marketing offers a wide range of profiles to choose from.

    It is suitable for people who have the drive and skills to promote a brand through marketing techniques.

    Marketing has Advertising, Public Relations, Customer Management, Promotion, and Digital Marketing, as its sub-fields.


    Image Source: EduPristine

    With the ever-changing business environment and the increasing number of companies being introduced each day, the need for accountants is also increasing.

    Accounting is a field of carrying out financial and non-financial economic operations related to the firm, such as organizing and maintaining financial records, filing taxes, maintaining the Balance Sheet of the firm, calculating cash flows, suggesting ways to increase revenue, reduce costs, and improve profits, etc.


    Image Source: Canals & Trails Credit Union

    Banking is an ever-green field of commerce. The banking sector is growing day-by-day with new banks coming up and the e-banking status being updated every once in a while.

    It offers great opportunities to learn and grow in the field of commerce. Also, there are numerous job opportunities in the banking sector that may enthrall an accounting enthusiast.

    According to a PwC survey, India is said to become the third-largest domestic banking sector by 2050 after China and the US.

    This opens up for more opportunities for job seekers in the banking sector and aspirants after completing their graduation in related subjects.


    Image Source: Moneycontrol

    When you hear the term “finance” the first word to pop in your head must be “money”, isn’t it? And you’re not wrong, because finance is all about money. It is basically managing money-related functions.

    Finance can be categorized into two parts- financial management and financial services.

    Both of these categories offer a number of options for an aspirant to choose from.

    Financial management is about how to most efficiently use organizational funds, whether in a business set-up, non-profit agency or government entity. Here, financial managers devise and implement strategies to increase profitability within an organization.

    The financial services industry, on the other hand, is all about moving funds between savers and borrowers, managing investment accounts, raising capital for businesses and governments, offering investment advice and mitigating the risks of financial loss.

    Here is a list of job profiles that a B.Com (Hons) graduate can look forward to-

    • Assistant Accountant
    • Business Analyst
    • Cashier/Teller
    • Finance Manager
    • Investment Banker
    • Market Analyst
    • Marketing Manager
    • Personal Finance Consultant
    • Risk Analyst
    • Securities Analyst
    • Company Secretary
    • Finance Analyst