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  • Your college will stay forever on your resume, choose it wisely:

    • March 9, 2019
    • Posted By : admin
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    College links with a student for a lifetime, whether you want to do MBA, MCA, B.Tech, BBA or any other course, college is very important.

    You should choose your college wisely because your future depends on your decision.

    Colleges not only provide quality education but also impact the overall personality of its students. We, humans, are the social animal that is why our surroundings affect us up to a very high extent.

    Once you cleared your respective exam, the second step is to choose a college.

    Sometimes, students get confused while selecting a college because of various stories and rumors that are spread by other students but a student should check the reality and then only take the final decision.

    Here, we are listing a few very important factors, which you need to keep in mind while choosing the correct college.


    This is a very important aspect of a college. As a student, you should have a clear idea of college fees. Some colleges charge extra fees for various activities. You should have every bit of information regarding finance. whether you would take education loan or planning to pay in cash, plan everything in advance. Try to check if there is any hidden cost taken by the college. Choose a college according to your financial condition otherwise, you may get in trouble.

    Previous Placements:

    Every student takes admission into a course so that he or she can get a good job. When students enter college, they have several dreams. The college is the place, from where they can start their first jobs.

    While deciding your college, check thoroughly the previous placements. First, check the college’s website for previous years placement. You should also check about companies that have visited the college for past years. How many students get placed every year, this should also be noted down.

    You should also check their alumni, network,  it is said that alumni represent their college, so try to find out college alumni and check where are they now? This is the way, you can get a clear picture of college’s past placements.


    A good teacher can turn an average student into the brightest one. Before finalizing the college, check the faculty. You should check Their qualifications and research experience. Go and visit the college campus, to get a clear idea of a student-faculty relationship. Check what is the teacher and student ratio? because if a college does not have ample faculties, studies do suffer.


    You should be aware of the previous years’ results. What was the percentage of students who passed? Many companies prefer students who have throughout 60 percent or above marks. Marks matters for few companies, they filter students on the basis of marks obtained in the course. A good result indicates better facilities provided by the college.


    While visiting the college, take a tour to the labs. Regardless of your course, you should have hands-on experience and remember practical exposure of the knowledge can be obtained in the labs only. Labs are one of the most important pillars of any institute.

    Good quality labs having modern amenities should certainly be in your checklist.


    Books are the true companion of students. Books are a great source of knowledge, every prestigious college has a good collection of books. Standard of books shows the standard of the college. A poorly maintained library indicates, poor condition of the institute. You should not ignore the library of your desired college.


    Though ranking varies from one year to another, a decent ranking in a prestigious survey is a must. For example, SMS Varanasi is among the top 50 B-Schools of India. Its rank may vary but it certainly comes under top 50.

    You can easily check the ranking of college online. Most of the colleges display ranking on their website’s first page as they know the importance of the ranking.


    This is the question of your career so you should be utterly careful. You should check the credibility of the college. A few years back, a bunch of colleges came into the limelight which was running without any accreditation. UGC cancels the colleges’ credibility because of that degree granted by the colleges became invalid and the future of the students got ruined.

    That’s why it’s very necessary to check the affiliation of the desired college.

    Recreational Activities:

    Today, every other college has better community halls and space dedicated to various recreational activities. A college can not shine only on the basis of results, there must be extracurricular activities for the overall development of students.

    Many colleges have their own yoga center, gym.  There are some personality development programs. Besides studies students can take part in the drama, cultural activities, etc.

    Next things, Colleges are taken into account, is health a college should have some basic healthcare facility. There should be some sports club which can motivate students to stay fit.

    If you are going to check various things in your college, don’t forget to check the above-mentioned details. Good luck.