Centre For Foreign Languages

Centre For Foreign Languages

In today’s globalised multicultural world, it is becoming important to interact and communicate with people from diverse background all over the world. To compete and survive in this new era, knowledge of a foreign language and culture has become a necessity. Besides business prospects and career opportunities, knowledge of a foreign language is very essential for studying abroad, travel, research, enhancing subject knowledge, cultural exchange and for many others. Thus in an increasingly connected world, foreign language proficiency is more important than ever. Besides, learning another language has many cognitive, academic, and social benefits. Also an understanding of another language often indicates an understanding of another culture and can offer everyday social advantages. Learning a foreign language not only helps to expand our view of the world but increases one’s sense of self-worth.

In a world where innovations like the Internet have brought the furthest ends of the earth into close contact and where people find themselves moving across the globe due to myriad motivations, speaking a second language is useful in myriads of situations. Foreign languages are also important to those working in business, communications and nearly every other career track. And of course it is fun to pronounce words with nasal resonances, tongue rolling and varied accents, features not present in usual English conversations. Significance of exploring linguistic territory cannot be undermined, whatever may be the reason for learning it. Learning a new language offers stimulation to the mind. Once started, one is always craving for knowledge and curiosity oozes at every turn.

We, at SMS, are determined to equip our future managers to take on every possible challenge. Centre for foreign languages has been especially set up keeping in mind the benefits from the opportunities it creates. Through this endeavor, the students are being exposed to the foreign languages and the culture as well. The courses are designed to enhance the basic skills in reading, writing and speaking foreign languages with a friendly hand towards an almost effortless Journey towards success. At our institute in order to teach foreign language we aim to include basic grammar and usage, developing listening, reading and speaking skills, writing skills, general and technical vocabulary and information regarding cultural background in our syllabus.

Learning multiple languages always serves to enhance quality of life, and even if that language is never used in practical circumstances, one almost certainly will enjoy the time spent educating oneself. By getting to know certain simple and basic things they can have the pride of knowing an international language. Undoubtedly, knowledge of a foreign language adds to one’s competence level.

In case you expect some more information about the Centre, feel free to write to The Coordinator Mrs. Pallavi Pathak through E-mail id : pallavipathak@smsvaranasi.com

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