SMS Knowledge Management Centre

SMS Knowledge Management Centre


Knowledge Management Centre is the backbone and true beacon of any research, training and educational institution. This centre is responsible for providing information and knowledge services to various stakeholders.  This centre helps the students and faculties in the following manners

  • By exploring the industry requirements with quality contents and proper dissemination ofinformation related to Management, Communication, Commerce and Computer Applications
  • By providing dynamic online content in form of short videos, PPTs, Course Notes, Case Studiesrelating to different areas
  • By providing latest information about SMS Varanasi Faculty contributions in different Nationaland International Journals and Magazines
  • By providing latest and relevant information of Managerial Happenings in Global CorporateArena, Communication sector and domain of digital technology
  • By enriching the career prospects of the students of MBA, MCA, M.Com. and UndergraduateCourses.

Career Guidance Service

Based on Personality Development and Career Guidence Activities executed at SMS Varanasi, visit:

Coordinator : Dr. Gaurav Shah

Dr. Ashutosh Shukla
Mrs. Anju Singh
Mr. Santosh Kumar

Mr. Irfan Ahmed Khan
Mr. Sushil Kumar
Mrs. Poorva S Sabnis

Mr. Saurabh K Srivastava
Dr. Ashwani Kr. Gupta


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